Friday, November 30, 2012

What did my mom and dad look like in the 70′s and the 80's?

It’s always great to see vintage pics with a personal touch. So today i decided to share with you  some old photographs of my mom and dad back in the 70's and the 80's to show you some of the fashion trends that charectize that period . 
These pics are taken in Albania and most of them in Pogradec (my lovely hometown)

My mom with her friends in long smocking skirts !

My dad is the one standing on the left with the blazer and the long shirt with the bottons ( and a funny look on his face )

My dad with trousers bell 

My mother was the most beautiful bride in the world
.My Mom and Dad will be married 25 years this year!

My mom with her friends celebrating the 1st of may 

My mom with her older brother his wife and his daughter with characteristic big sunglasses and aviators ,long skirts and big handmade leather bag .

My mom my grandma my aunt and some cousins back in the days .My aunt is the one with the cat eye sunglasses

My dad with classic aviators and trousers bell of course!

My dad with his friend wearing a scarf that reminds me the Gryffindor Scarf from Harry Potter

And last but not least my parents on their honeymoon .

I hope you enjoyed it ,
i love to see old photos !
stay tuned ,

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